It embodies the combination of Risk Assessment and Management Systems, respecting all mandatory requirements (Legislative Decree 81/08 and s.m.i.) and the principles defined by voluntary standards

(safety – ISO 45001, environment – ISO 14001, quality – ISO 9001, etc.)

Turnkey system 

It allows using the system thanks to Blumatica that manages the start-up phase. The management model implementation starts importing automatically all the data from the IT systems already in use (personnel, training, PPE, health surveillance, etc.).


Real-time Change Management

It can be integrated with all IT systems that the organization uses in order to manage, in real time, all changes affecting staff (new recruitments, transfers, job changes). The HR Safety Alert automatically intercepts changes from other software/databases in use (human resources, ERP, etc.) and indicates the actions to take (job assignment, work environment, health surveillance).


Automatic information distribution to all security actors

The information distribution is one of the obstacles that you can overcome thanks to Blumatica!

For example, (Article 36, Legislative Decree 81/08), the employer is obliged to INFORM WORKERS about the risks they are exposed to and the safety measures to adopt. From the risk assessment, the system is able to know (in a completely automatic way and without any additional effort) what risks each worker is exposed to, which procedures and safety measures he must adopt according to the work he performs and the workplaces he occupies.

Blumatica SHEQ is conceived as a system able to improve safety conditions in every workplace. It is possible to request and obtain significant discounts on the insurance premium annually paid. Safety virtuous companies, thanks to INAIL, can obtain reductions in the average rate (commensurate with the number of employees of the company) that can reach up to 30% of the annual premium.

The target

Blumatica SHEQ caters to the thousands of safety professionals seeking out a versatile IT solution that can improve their performances

  • Large Businesses & Public Organisations Large Businesses & Public Organisations Managing data and information from their own office locations and sharing them with a potentially unlimited number of users: from employees to partners, including outsourced suppliers (enterprise version)
  • Consultancy Firms and Freelancers Consultancy Firms and Freelancers Managing data and information from their own office locations and sharing them with mainly internal partners and associates (professional version) Exploiting the benefits offered by Internet technology to provide real-time information and share it with partners and customers (web version)

WorkSpace Assisted customers of Consultants

Blumatica SHEQ allows interaction and collaboration between consultants and assisted customers into a reserved area. Here are the advantages!
  • The customer can enter and manage all company personal data (offices, workers, etc.), feeling involved and streamlining the consultant work
  • The consultant automatically receives notifications about any changes that have occurred. There are also suggestions about actions to take (training and information for workers, PPE to be delivered, etc.)
  • Customers and consultants access the documentation they intend to share and display a common schedule with automatic sending of alerts via e-mail

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